Table Type Pattern Validator

Finds errors and common issues within a JSON Table Type Pattern v1 validated against OpenFlow 1.3. This includes detecting incorrectly named OXM match fields, missing identifiers, incorrect values, invalid actions etc. This TTP validator is an offshoot of my efforts to parse and process Table Type Patterns as part of my PhD, and detects issues I've seen. This might not catch everything and is a best effort.

Upload a JSON TTP as text

Upload a JSON TTP file

For best results use UTF-8 encoding. Upload size is limited to 1MB.


If you encounter any problems or bugs with the validator please let me know.

Or if you wish to discuss my research further, or have TTP patterns I could use.

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Author: Richard Sanger


My Research

This validator is a portion of my ongoing PhD, which I've released to assist the community in creating TTPs.

I'm researching how to algorithmically transform a set of OpenFlow flow rules from one hardware pipeline to another (i.e. from one TTP to another). Given an OpenFlow flow rule set installed on a switch by an application I'm attempting to fit these flow rules to a new OpenFlow switch with a different pipeline. I'm using TTPs to describe the hardware pipeline and I'm programatically extracting information from them. Currently my research scope is focused an offline method which works with a flow rule set at a single point in time.

I'm interested in obtaining more TTPs to test my research with, please get in touch if you have any or wish to discuss my research further.