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Measuring the Accuracy of Open-Source Payload-Based Traffic Classifiers Using Popular Internet Applications




Open-source payload-based traffic classifiers are frequently used as a source of ground truth in the traffic classification research field. However, there have been no comprehensive studies that provide evidence that the classifications produced by these software tools are sufficiently accurate for this purpose. In this paper, we present the results of an investigation into the accuracy of four open-source traffic classifiers (L7 Filter, nDPI, libprotoident and tstat) using packet traces captured while using a known selection of common Internet applications, including streaming video, Steam and World of Warcraft. Our results show that nDPI and libprotoident provide the highest accuracy among the evaluated traffic classifiers, whereas L7 Filter is unreliable and should not be used as a source of ground truth.

To be published at the Workshop on Network Measurements (WNM 2013), October 2013.

Copyright (C) IEEE 2013.

Shane Alcock
Richard Nelson
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