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Libtrace: A Packet Capture and Analysis Library




This paper introduces libtrace, an open-source software library for reading and writing network packet traces. Libtrace offers performance and usability enhancements compared to other libraries that are currently used. We describe the main features of libtrace and demonstrate how the libtrace programming API enables users to easily develop portable trace analysis tools without needing to consider the details of the capture format, file compression or intermediate protocol headers. We compare the performance of libtrace against other trace processing libraries to show that libtrace offers the best compromise between development effort and program run time. As a result, we conclude that libtrace is a valuable contribution to the passive measurement community that will aid the development of better and more reliable trace analysis and network monitoring tools.

Published in ACM Computer Communication Review, Volume 42, Issue 2 (April 2012).

Shane Alcock
Perry Lorier
Richard Nelson
libtrace.pdf115.25 KB