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Improving Mobile IPv6 Performance Across Handovers




Mobile IPv6 is designed to support mobile computers operating in conventional computer networks. It allows mobile hosts to move into different networks and to use different network addresses while keeping existing communications with other hosts. Although communications in mobile IPv6 networks can be preserved across handovers, there is a high possibility that these communications will be interrupted because packets may be lost during handovers. The result is that the quality of communications will drop significantly if handovers happen frequently. Even a single handover can create noticeable interruption to communications during that handover period.

This thesis proposes a solution that can improve mobile IPv6 communication performance across handovers. The solution is called mobile IPv6 cache. Mobile IPv6 cache improves mobile IPv6 communications across handovers by speeding up the recovery process after each handover. In addition to the proposal, this thesis discusses the design and implementation issues involved in developing mobile IPv6 cache. An example of mobile IPv6 cache is implemented in this project, and the decisions made for the implementation is explained in the thesis as well. Then, this thesis describes a complete setup of the test environment used to validate the mobile IPv6 cache developed in this project. Details of all validation tests including test results and analyses are discussed afterwards. At last, this thesis concludes the proposed solution and the example implementation in this project.



Shao-Lin Joseph Chung
Richard Nelson