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Examining the Impact of the Copyright Amendment Act on New Zealand Residential DSL Users




Published at IMC 2012 -

The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 (CAA) is a New
Zealand law that aims to provide copyright holders with legal recourse when
content is illegally shared over the Internet. This paper presents a study
of residential DSL user behaviour using packet traces captured at a New Zealand
ISP before, shortly after and several months after the CAA coming into effect.
We use libprotoident to classify the observed traffic based on the application
protocol being used to identify and examine any changes in traffic patterns
that may be a result of the new law. We find that the use of peer-to-peer
applications declined significantly once the CAA was in effect, suggesting a
strong correlation. We also found that there were increases in tunneling,
secure file transfer and remote access traffic amongst a small segment of the
user population, which may indicate an increased uptake in the use of foreign
seedboxes to bypass the jurisdiction of the CAA.

Shane Alcock
Richard Nelson
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