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COMP591 - A Reliable Collector for Libprotoident




There is currently an increasing demand for accurate and reliable traffic classification techniques. Libprotoident is a library developed at the WAND Network Research Group (WAND) that uses four bytes of payload for the classification of flows. Testing has shown that Libprotoident achieves similar classification accuracy to other approaches, while also being more efficient in terms of speed and memory usage. However, the primary weakness of Libprotoident is that it lacks the visualisation component required to encourage adoption of the library.

This report describes the implementation of a reliable real-time collector for Libprotoident that will form the back-end component to support a web-based visualisation of the statistics produced by the library. The collector has been designed and implemented to support the classification of flows and exporting of application usage statistics to multiple clients over the network in separate threads, whilst operating asynchronously so as to achieve high performance when measuring multi-gigabit networks.

Meenakshee Mungro
591-meenamungro.pdf1.17 MB