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COMP591 - Cardigan: Development of a Distributer Router




As the Internet continues to grow, many of our traditional approaches to computer networking need to be re-imagined to cope with the ever increasing demands placed on networks. Software Defined Networking (SDN) attempts to facilitate this process by allowing networking devices to be controlled in software. Control in software reduces the effort needed to modify the behaviour of devices, allowing for easier experimentation and customisability.

SDN remains a new concept and network operators are understandably wary of deploying unproven technology in production. Cardigan is a project to ease these concerns by deploying an SDN fabric in a production environment. To emphasise the benefits of customisability, the Cardigan deployment extends the SDN routing platform RouteFlow to allow several software controlled devices to be managed by configuring a single virtual router. This report describes the modifications made to RouteFlow to provide this abstraction and other changes made for the Cardigan deployment.

Christopher Lorier
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