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COMP520 - Improving the Security and Efficiency of Network Clients Using OpenFlow




With the complexity and scale of networks these days some of the earlier protocols have started to show their age, presenting vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in the way they run. As a result research and solutions are being put in place to address certain aspects of these protocols, be this extensions to the protocol itself or extensions to the devices within the network. OpenFlow is a open network protocol that is an implementation of a relatively new concept in computer network design, Software Defined Networking (SDN). It allows for the separation of the control plane of a switch and enables it to be moved into an application running in software. This results in far more software oriented approach to network design and control of switches. This project aims to use this new flexibility that OpenFlow provides to explore ways in which the weaknesses apparent with certain protocols in todays networking environment in order to improve their efficiency and security. It focuses on reducing the need for the broadcast of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests as well as looking into an alternative method to the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).

Adam Coxhead
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