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COMP520 - Improved Network Map Display




Advances in web browser technologies have allowed for highly interactive, cross platform applications that have not been fully utilised in the computer network industry. The aim of this project has been to use these technologies to produce an improved implementation of a network map that effectively communicates topology and performance data to its users. The development of a map has involved assessing HTML5 technologies, identifying important features of network maps, researching relevant information visualisation theory and developing working prototypes. Representing computer networks in particular can be diffcult when the number of nodes and links is large. For this project, a network mapping tool called NetMapJs was implemented to address weaknesses in current tools. Visualisation techniques were identified and used that were effective in addressing the scalability of displays, such as semantic zooming and layout grouping. This, along with an expressive way of displaying network
bandwidth, has resulted in an improved presentation of network map displays. To evaluate the implementation, network maps for two operational networks were developed which received good feedback from the engineers in those organisations.

Joel Oughton
joeloughton-520-report.pdf4.76 MB