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COMP520 - Efficient Methodical Internet Topology Discovery




There are a wide-ranging and diverse set of tools and techniques which are used by researchers to gain an understanding of the topological layout of the Internet. These current macroscopic Internet topology mapping techniques however, are either ineļ¬ƒcient, do not discover the complete topology accurately or simply have not been implemented in a useful manner. In order to carry out large-scale Internet mapping projects, a system which can map Internet topologies in an accurate and methodical manner without taxing the infrastructure is required. This report outlines the implementation and testing of an existing efficient algorithm in a useful context and also the research, design, implementation and testing of a novel algorithm, doubletree load balancer, which allows complete topologies to be discovered in a way that is far more efficient than the current state of the art. Results from testing show that doubletree load balancer has over 96% link coverage when compared to load balancer traceroute while using 30% fewer probes.

Alistair King
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