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COMP520 - Design of a Wireless Sensor Node Platform




A wireless sensor network is a distributed network made up of low-power consuming, low cost devices called sensor nodes which combine sensing, computation and communication. Sensor networks have enabled many applications, including remote tracking and monitoring of environments in real-time. The sensor nodes in possession at The University of Waikato have been used in several theses and projects but the time has come to upgrade the node as newer technologies allow for a more powerful, feature packed sensor node.

A review of available sensor nodes discovered that suitable nodes could not be obtained in appropriate volumes. As a consequence the decision to design and manufacture a new node was taken.

This report describes the design and construction of a sensor node platform intended for use in sensor networks research. The system is made up of a hardware platform and a software stack for drivers and interfacing.

Michael May
mm236 COMP520 Report.pdf3.28 MB