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COMP520 - Contributing to OpenFlow 1.1 Support in Open vSwitch




Open vSwitch is a production-quality software switch. It provides high-performance packet-forwarding in virtualised environments. One of the many protocols it supports is OpenFlow, which allows dynamic configuration of network behaviour. Newer versions of OpenFlow have recently been released, adding support for important protocols such as MPLS and IPv6. However, the support for OpenFlow in Open vSwitch is not in sync with the current standards.

At the end of 2011, a call for assistance was posted on the Open vSwitch mailing-list, requesting that the OpenFlow community contribute towards support for newer versions of the protocol. This report describes the process of responding to this call, contributing to an open source project, and working towards providing network researchers with a more flexible platform for their experiments.

Joe Stringer
joestringer-520-report.pdf398.52 KB