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0657.420Y - Design and Implementation of a Bluetooth Repeater System
A Block-Based Network File System
A remote ATM network monitoring system
A simulation study of network architectures to support HTTP Traffic on Symmetric high-bandwidth*delay circuits
Active Measures to Maintain a Healthy Network
An Analysis of TCP Maximum Segment Sizes (Technical Report)
An introduction to the NLANR AMP project for HPC sites
An Overview of Link-Level Measurement Techniques for Wide-Area Wireless Networks
Analysis collaborations for active measurement
Analysis of ICMP Quotations
Analysis of internet delay times
Analysis of Long Duration Traces
Analysis of Voice Over IP Traffic
Application Flow Control in YouTube Video Streams
Automated Event Detection for Active Measurement Systems
Balancing Cost and Utility in Active Monitoring: The AMP example
Classifying Daily Patterns In Long Duration Network Traces
COMP420 Report: IPv6 in Embedded Microcontrollers
COMP420-05Y - A Rapidly Deployable Wireless Networking System
COMP420Y - Architecture and Trial Implementation of a Performance Testing Framework
COMP420Y - High Quality Video Conferencing
COMP420Y - Network Simulation Cradle
COMP420Y - Topology Management In Rooftop Wireless Networks
COMP520 - Building a better network monitoring system
COMP520 - Building a Network for the Internet of Things with the Constrained Application Protocol
COMP520 - Building a Network for the Internet of Things with the Constrained Application Protocol
COMP520 - Contributing to OpenFlow 1.1 Support in Open vSwitch
COMP520 - Design of a Wireless Sensor Node Platform
COMP520 - Efficient Methodical Internet Topology Discovery
COMP520 - Improved Network Map Display
COMP520 - Improving the Security and Efficiency of Network Clients Using OpenFlow
COMP520 - Investigation into Building an OpenFlow-enabled BNG
COMP520 - Message Queuing for Network Monitoring
COMP520 - NomadFS: A Block Migrating Distributed File System
COMP520 - Parallel Libtrace
COMP520 - Storage of Network Monitoring and Measurement Data
COMP591 - A Reliable Collector for Libprotoident
COMP591 - Cardigan: Development of a Distributer Router
COMP591 - Route Protocol Monitor
Comparative measurement of QoS on the trans-Pacific Internet
Congestion control advancements in Linux
Current Techniques for Measuring and Modeling ATM Traffic
Dag - a cell capture board for ATM measurement systems.
Design of a Processor to Support the Teaching of Computer Systems
Design principles for accurate passive measurement
Distributed OpenGL Rendering in Network Bandwidth Constrained Environments
Duplicate Packets in an IP Trace
Efficient Internet Topology Discovery Techniques
Estimating Bandwidth from Passive Measurement Traces
Examining the Impact of the Copyright Amendment Act on New Zealand Residential DSL Users
Extracting Application Objects from TCP Packet Traces
Flow Clustering Using Machine Learning Techniques
High Performance Simulation for ATM Network Development
High Performance Simulation for ATM Network Development Appendix A: Cell Level Measurements of ATM-25 Traffic
High Performance Simulation for ATM Network Development Appendix B: Conservative Parallel Simulation of ATM Networks
High Precision Timing in Passive Measurements of Data Networks
High precision traffic measurement
High precision traffic measurement by the WAND research group
Identifying IPv6 Network Problems in a Dual-Stack World
Improved network Map Display
Improving Mobile IPv6 Performance Across Handovers
Improving the performance of HTTP over high bandwidth-delay product circuits
Inferring and Debugging Path MTU Discovery Failures
IP Measurement Protocol
IPMP: IP Measurement Protocol
Libprotoident: Traffic Classification Using Lightweight Packet Inspection (Technical Report)
Libtrace: A Packet Capture and Analysis Library
Measured Comparative Performance of TCP Stacks
Measured Comparative Performance of TCP Stacks (Poster)
Measurement of Internet delay times
Measurement of voice over IP traffic
Measuring and Characterising Inbound Sessions in Residential DSL Traffic
Measuring ATM traffic. Final report for New Zealand Telecom
Measuring the Accuracy of Open-Source Payload-Based Traffic Classifiers Using Popular Internet Applications
Network performance visualization: insight through animation
Network Simulation of IP and ATM over IP using a Discrete Event Simulator
NLANR Active measurement project (AMP)
Nonintrusive and Accurate Measurement of Unidirectional Delay and Delay Variation on the Internet
On the output process from a finite buffer with long range dependent input
Packet Delay and Loss at the Auckland Internet Access Path
Passive Calibration of an Active Measurement System
Passive Detection of TCP Congestion Events
Path Diagnosis with IPMP
Performance of a conservative simulator of ATM networks
Performance, validation and testing with the Network Simulation Cradle
Precision Timestamping of Network Packets
Reducing US/NZ Web Page Latencies
Review of Bandwidth Estimation Techniques
Segmentation of Internet Paths for Capacity Estimation
Sensitivity Analysis of Event Driven Simulation Results
Short Term Behaviour of Ping Measurements
Simulation with Real World Network Stacks
Sneaking Past the Firewall: Quantifying the Unexpected Traffic on Major TCP and UDP Ports
Static virtualisation of C source code
Storage and bandwidth requirements for passive Internet header traces
The Auckland data set: an access link observed
The Dag: an ATM measurement board
The effect of multiplexing HTTP connections over asymmetric high bandwidth-delay product circuits
The LRU* WWW proxy cache document replacement algorithm
The Naïve Programmer's Guide to ATM_TN
The NLANR AMP project
The NLANR NAI Network Analysis Infrastructure
The RIPE NCC Internet Measurement Data Repository
Towards Improving Packet Probing Techniques
Traffic on the Internet - A study of Internet games
Using custom hardware and simulation to support computer systems teaching
Using multinomial mixture models to cluster Internet traffic
Using Simple Per-Hop Capacity Metrics to Discover Link Layer Network Topology
Validating the Simulator
Validation of simulated real world TCP stacks
Validation of the WAND simulator through comparison with laboratory tests
Voice over IP: the impact of RSVP
WAND project at University of Waikato
Wide virtual time with application to parallel discrete event simulation and the HLA RTI
WIFI Location Determination System Investigation