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Topology Management in Rooftop Wireless Networks

Topology Management in Rooftop Wireless Networks

Administrator 1 Closed


Administrator 1 Closed
Network Simulation Cradle

Using real network stacks in simulation

Administrator 1 Closed
Network Simulation Cradle

Network Simulation Cradle

Administrator 1 Closed


Administrator 2 Closed
IPv6 Scamper

IPv6 Scamper

Administrator 1 Join


Administrator 1 Closed
WAND Protocol Development Environment

WAND Protocol Development Environment

Administrator 1 Closed
Quality of Service for Wireless Links

Quality of Service for Wireless Links

Administrator 1 Closed
Non Blocking Crossbar Ethernet Switch

Non Blocking Crossbar Ethernet Switch

Administrator 1 Closed
Improved security for network clients using OpenFlow

Improved security for network clients using OpenFlow

Adam Coxhead 32 1 Join
Message Queuing for Network Monitoring

More flexible message queuing system for AMP

Anthony Coddington 32 1 Closed
Security through diversity, an approach to browser security.

Combining anti-phishing techniques to create an overall more effective tool.

Andrew Kampjes 2 1 Closed
Network Anomaly Detection

Investigating different network anomaly detection techniques

Andreas Löf 1 Join
Developing a DHCPv6 fuzzer for IPv6 networks


Brandon Hutcheson 1 Join
Dynamic networking monitoring system

Dynamic networking monitoring system

Brad Cowie 5 1 Closed
New Website

A new Drupal website for WAND designed to encourage content generation through blogging

Brad Cowie 1 1 Request membership
Emulation Network

Emulation Network

Brendon Jones 7 1 Join

Active Measurement

Brendon Jones 36 5 Join
Automatic Protocol State Machine Generation

Generating state machines based on observed packet sizes, directions, etc, with an initial focus on SMTP

Brendon Jones 4 1 Request membership
Router Aggregation in RouteFlow

Allowing multiple openflow controlled switches to act as a single aggregated router

Christopher Lorier 2 1 Request membership
Building an OpenFlow-enabled BRAS/BNG

Building an OpenFlow-enabled BRAS/BNG to improve upon the existing ISP BRAS model

Craig Osborne 3 1 Request membership
Creating a Secure and Low Power Internet of Things Platform

A new IoT platform, based on IEEE 802.15.4, designed for low power installations with a focus on secure provisioning.

Dan Collins 18 1 Invite only

Bringing BNG functionality to software

Darren Mason 14 1 Invite only
Smart Farm Network Prototype

Aim is to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) platform suitable for deployment into rural areas.

Isabelle Sheffield 10 1 Join
Network Flow Visualisation

Interpret Netflow flow records and present them to users in a web-based application

Jacob Willetts 12 1 Invite only
OpenFlow 1.1 Support in Open vSwitch

Bringing us one step closer to an open-source LSR

Joe Stringer 26 1 Closed
Machine Learning Log File Analysis

Try identify events and failures in a systems log files

Kieran Matherson 10 1 Invite only
Low-latency video processing

Real-time implementations of video-processing algorithms

Mark Will 1 Request membership
Security vulnerabilities in cloud storage

Attempt to discover in security vulnerabilities in cloud storage systems

Matt Hunter 6 1 Request membership
Network simulation of 802.11ad networks

Development of simulation and modelling framework for next generation wireless technologies

Michael May 7 1 Join
Wireless sensor node hardware refresh

Design of a new wireless sensor node hardware

Michael May 20 1 Closed
Rating the Significance of Detected Network Events

Investigating techniques for assigning a severity measure to detected network events

Meenakshee Mungro 26 1 Join
Web-based Application Protocol Monitor

Web-based application to display the application protocol of flows

Meenakshee Mungro 23 2 Closed
Smartfarm Base Station

Developing a low power WSN base station

Patrick Snelgar 1 Join
Building a cloud computing research testbed

Using Openstack to build a cloud computing testbed that can support around 1,000 instances.

Grace Ng 1 Join
Improved KAREN Weathermap

Visualisation of KAREN topology and performance

Richard Nelson 17 3 Join
Internet Mapping

Producing pictures of NZ Internet - sponsored by InternetNZ

Richard Nelson 11 3 Closed
WITS Archive

WITS Archive

Shane Alcock 6 3 Join

3D Network Visualisation tool based on libtrace

Shane Alcock 14 2 Join
STRATUS: Awareness and Response to Anomalous Data Activity

Part of the STRATUS project: Security Technologies Returning Accountability, Trust and User-centric Services in the Cloud

Shane Alcock 56 1 Request membership

A library for detecting TCP congestion events in packet traces

Shane Alcock 3 1 Request membership
Examining the Impact of the Copyright Amendment Act

Using passive measurements to determine the effect of the CAA on residential DSL user behaviour.

Shane Alcock 15 1 Request membership

An IPFIX meter based on libtrace

Shane Alcock 1 1 Request membership

A library for trace processing and capture

Shane Alcock 124 1 Join
Sleeper Traffic

Small study investigating traffic to idle hosts

Shane Alcock 5 1 Join
Storage of Network Monitoring and Measurement Data

Deal with storing collected network data and processing it in useful ways such as detecting problems for alerting.

Shane Alcock 39 2 Closed

A library for application protocol identification

Shane Alcock 122 1 Request membership

Combining multiple measurement sources to detect and alert on network events

Shane Alcock 207 2 Request membership
Development of wireless network planning software for rural community use

Sam Bartels' Doctoral Research

Sam Bartels 1 1 Closed
Internet Reachability

Implementing Internet black hole and topology analysis with large numbers of vantage points.

Stephen Eichler 1 Invite only
Simulation Framework

Simulation Framework

Tony McGregor 1 Join