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New Website

The WAND website doesn't get much love and changes very infrequently. However we generate lots of material through project descriptions and weekly reports. Also some people have used blogs as project notebooks. A new website would turn weekly reports into blog entries and provide dynamic content on our website




As you may have noticed, we've upgraded the WAND website. Aside from the new theme, the biggest change is the addition of blogs for each WAND member. This provides a means for us to keep the wider world up to date with the discoveries we are making as they happen. The blogs have also been tied to our weekly reporting system, so there will be weekly updates from all research staff and students at the very least. Feel free to comment on the blogs if you have anything useful to add or wish to ask questions about the work we're doing.

At this stage, the site is still somewhat of a work in progress. Now that we've migrated successfully, we'll be auditing the content to remove out-of-date information and replace it with new content that reflects what we are doing now rather than what we did several years ago. Expect to see a few changes over the next few months...




This is a comment on the

This is a comment on the website project. It is mainly so that I can see where it shows up.

I notice that I have a preview button at the bottom of this page, but not a save button. That is odd.

Now, in the preview page I have preview and save buttons.