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Weekly Report for week ending 9 December 2011




Generated a full dataset for Chris using all the available AMP monitors.
Looking at the network maps he produced showed up some unusual
topology that I didn't expect to see and didn't agree with, so I
looked further into what was going on with the traceroute data. It turns
out that quite a few devices in the path respond on multiple addresses, so
I spent some time investigating de-aliasing using scamper. Using
the radargun method across the address set came up with 11000 pairs of
addresses representing 500 devices. I'm not entirely convinced of the
accuracy yet so I will run it a few more times and compare results, but it
has been correct for the addresses I have manually confirmed as being

I think I've solved my problem of direct loops being created by the smtp
state machine and the new machine is at least as good as the previous ones
on my initial test trace. Will need to test it on some more traces now.
Having trouble visualising the machine though, as dot won't create a graph
using the layout algorithm that I want.