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Weekly Report for week ending 8 September 2017




Had a very interesting chat with Perry about the BGP router project, and how I was going about trying to make it more resilient. He suggested a few ways to go about it that were much more simple than what I was planning, and also did away with the nastiness of shared state between the redundant controllers. Each controller can independently do its own thing and use BGP route selection on the managed devices to settle any differences arising.

Started setting up a test environment so that I can trial the changes made to help the BGP router more resilient to failures. It's currently a simple network using docker containers running BIRD to act as my peers/routers, with another couple running redundant instances of my code. Most of the work so far has gone into getting my edge devices running BIRD to do the right thing with the routes, importing and exporting using the correct tables to make sure they don't get inadvertently modified or shared at the wrong location.

Updated the router to better track which peers are in an active state, and to add communities to exported routes when peers are missing in order to flag the degraded state to the recipient.