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Weekly Report for week ending 8 December 2017




Finished updating the RouteEntry code to save and load to/from a raw buffer and put it into testing. The time to transmit a million routes between processes dropped from 20+ seconds to less than a second. Memory usage also shrunk massively such that all million routes could be sent at once, which was not possible when using pickle.

Made some other improvements to memory usage by no longer storing copies of the routes where not required (and it's easier to ask a peer to resend them), and by storing routes in simple lists when a more complicated data structure isn't actually required.

The BGP router still uses more memory than I would like, and takes longer to do things than I would like, but it is now much improved. Half of the time taken is now spent waiting on ExaBGP to send me all routes, and there are still plenty of inefficiencies to fix in the way filtering and fixing of routes happens.