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Weekly Report for week ending 5 August 2016




Continued tidying up parts of the amplet2-client code that I had been meaning to look at for a while, but not had the time. Reworked some of the server handling to need less information passed around to configure interfaces, addresses etc, as this was already available in other ways. Made the way that the tests use this information a lot more consistent. Split some of the server connecting code into SSL vs non-SSL sections so that they could be more easily reused rather than duplicating a lot of work each time.

Spent too much time trying to determine why some very simple code was giving incorrect results when I removed debugging output. Compiling without optimisations would also fix it. Ended up changing the way I called it to stop the compiler optimising it out.

Investigated and replaced a few small sections of code that had come from various sources, with implementations using more compatible licenses.