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Weekly Report for week ending 4 March 2016




Decided to start doing systemd scripts properly and wrote a service file
for the amplet client. Also slightly tweaked the debhelper scripts that
are run to make sure the client doesn't start without configuration and
end up reporting errors to systemd. Had to officially split the Debian
directories now for Wheezy and Jessie as they are starting to diverge
too much.

Started work on adding the ability to set the differentiated services
bits in the IP header for all of the AMP tests. This can be set at a
global level, or on a per test basis. So far only the icmp test will
obey the setting, I'll update the rest of the tests next week.

Spent some time trying to remove an unnecessary extra control connection
for tests involving servers started by a remote amplet client. It looks
like I should be able to reuse the connection used to start the server
as the ongoing control channel, but I'm not quite sure how to make this
work best with standalone tests (that expect the server to already be
running, and don't currently encrypt anything). I should be able to tell
if I have a secure control connection or not and take the appropriate
actions, but a bit more planning is required.