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Weekly Report for week ending 31 August 2012




Found what looks to be a threading bug in AMP measured that has been
troubling me for a while. Test threads check that the nametable is up to
date before running but it was possible for them to deadlock on accessing
the file. I've had a fixed version of the code running for a couple of
days on some of the machines that were most often affected and have yet to
see the problem again. Hopefully that's fixed!

Fixed a couple of small bugs in the AMP matrix tooltips that were
triggering events on child elements without the appropriate attributes, so
weren't displaying information.

Wrote a program to insert common path information into the event database
to use for grouping events. Testing so far with this data shows that
fewer, larger groups of events are being created. Some of the membership
is a little bit questionable, so am know in the process of having it
describe the reasoning behind creating each of the groups.