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Weekly Report for week ending 3 March 2017




Spent some time investigating running the Chrome browser in a headless fashion, and writing code to control it so that it can be used to perform test measurements. The headless mode in development works well, and I can build a test program that will load and control the browser. Using the Chrome devtools API I can evaluate arbitrary javascript on the page, so I have access to the performance timings (but need to deal with the issue of the Timing-Allow-Origin not being set by most sites). My old YouTube javascript timing code still works, but I need to detect the end of the video in order to collect the final stats (Chrome doesn't appear to want to let me hook into arbitrary events, only a disappointingly small subset are exposed).

Worked on the BGP SDN proof of concept some more, making it event driven so that routing and topology updates can be read while it runs - it can now respond to changes in received routes or link status so that the routing tables are always up to date.