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Weekly Report for week ending 26 October 2012




Spent some more time reading bits of honours reports before they were
handed in.

Updated addressing the KAREN AMP machines so they would continue to work
with recent network changes. In the process of doing so, discovered that
CFEngine would no longer update certain sites and spent quite a while
trying to debug it. It was failing to authenticate server keys properly,
which was fixed by forcing it to refetch the (exactly the same,
identical) key. Not impressed that it is acting flakey over something like

Started work on a new implementation of AMP using some of the ideas we've
been talking about. Currently I'm working on a reimplementation of
measured using libwandevent. At this stage it can read the old format of
schedule file and creates a new timer event for each one, runs a dummy
function when the time arrives and reschedules itself afterwards.