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Weekly Report for week ending 25 November 2016




Finished and merged the scheduling REST interface after spending some time making return codes more consistent and implementing the last few missing functions. I can still see some of this changing to fit in with the way the web interface works, but it's done for now. Also fixed some minor bugs in ampweb where some sites weren't available in dropdowns.

Started adding the ability to display certificate status for each site in the web interface, and perform some very simple management there without having to use the command line tools. Split out some of the code from the command line tools into a library to be shared between them and the web interface.

Updated the ampy packaging scripts to bring the database schema up to date with the new changes when the package is updated. Also built new test packages for amppki to allow testing the certificate additions to the web interface.

Spent some time working with Jayden to help get him up to speed with AMP, and how one might go about writing a new test.