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Weekly Report for week ending 25 November 2011




Collected some new traceroute datasets for Chris containing fewer
unresponsive hops. Still quite a significant number in the middle of
the path don't reply and it seems they probably won't due to the way they
are configured. May need some heuristics to try to merge unresponsive hops
that are probably the same device.

Saw an NZNOG post about web page loading times ("user experience") and
thought it might be interesting to do a bit more work with the web
download speed data we've been collecting on a couple of AMP monitors.
Wrote a script to convert the data from the http2 test into the HTTP
Archive (HAR) format so I could use their tools to generate waterfall
graphs similar to what firebug produces. This seems to be working fine
except that data from the Waikato monitor is showing sub-millisecond
connection times to websites hosted in the US. Spent some time looking
inside libcurl to see if the problem could be there, but it turns out that
it is the fortinet on the edge of the university network acting as a web
proxy that is breaking my results.

In trying to generate a nice state machine graph to use to illustrate some
points I decided that the merged tree looked really bad - it had large
numbers of transitions between the same pairs of nodes. Generated a lot of
graphs showing the distributions of object sizes across those transitions
to confirm that they were all distinct (in general they were).