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Weekly Report for week ending 25 March 2016




Updated some of the signals used with the amplet client to provide
better management - as well as being able to reload configuration from
disk, it can now force a refetch of remote schedule files with a SIGUSR2.

Also made sure that all children (tests, servers, etc) have their
signals unblocked and the signal handler restored to the default.
Libwandevent sets all these in the main process, which was being
propagated to the children and causing some unexpected behaviour. The
init scripts now try to kill the entire process group of the amplet
client, which means children should now get the signal too.

Renamed server processes in ps so that it was obvious what task they
were performing.

Refactored some more of the repeated server code out of the
udpstream/throughput tests so they are now a lot cleaner. Moved some of
the test server control message code around so that it was grouped
together in a sensible place.