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Weekly Report for week ending 21 April 2017




Improved route aggregation to include the AS set of all ASNs involved in the aggregation so that peers can better perform loop detection.

Improved community support so that imported communities are now in a useful format, and can also now be exported to peers. Added a new filter to match the commonly used no-export communities.

Improved handling of withdraw messages to deal with supernets of advertised prefixes being specified - we can't just remove the exact prefix sent by the peer. Also tidied up some other prefix matching that was using the overlaps() function rather than being a strict subset.

Tidied up AS path modification and community modification via filters to make copies of the route entries so that the changes are only temporary and not reused between different peers and VRFs. A clean original copy of the route is kept and modifications are applied to that rather than stacking up repeatedly on the same instance.