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Weekly Report for week ending 2 December 2011




Kept looking at generating better data for Chris to use in his maps. Wrote
some simple code to try to remove destinations that are obviously
international using latency measurements and hostnames. I err on the side
of caution though so there are still a few included that are quite likely

Got William set up with live access to json weathermap data so that he can
start testing his new weathermap in a more realistic fashion.

Some different visualisations of my smtp state machine graphs show some
nodes with a huge number of links, all at various stages of the protocol
that it probably shouldn't be able to transition between. These tend to
link to another node with a large number of transitions that also links
back, so tight loops are formed with many transitions. Direct loops should
be prevented from forming (they are being checked for at least), but it's
possible that check is missing a case or the loops are being formed as
side effects of merging others states. Need to keep wading through the
step by step merging output to see how this is coming about.