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Weekly Report for week ending 17 March 2017




Found what looked like the perfect place in Chrome to update the headers to include Timing-Allow-Origin, but when implementing it discovered that the class I was inheriting from had redeclared all the useful bits from its parent as private and I couldn't do anything at all. Looks like I'll probably have to go up a level and duplicate the entire class to add the single line of code that I need, annoying. Had a couple of new ideas about how to get access to the appropriate javascript events that will tell me when to fetch Youtube video data, but ran out of time to test them.

Added a few simple unit tests to the BGP SDN work I'm doing to help make sure that my building blocks are all doing the correct things. Started trying to make things a bit more realistic by allowing multiple simultaneous fake BGP connections, and using the correct attributes from the feed rather than the easier ones I was previously using to test. Followed that up by installing BIRD on a VM and peering it with my code, now speaking real BGP instead of parsing MRT files.