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Weekly Report for week ending 17 June 2016




Had a look at using docker to build Debian packages with some help from Brad. Got it working with the amplet2-client packages, looks like it could be pretty useful, especially making sure it's a clean build and only using explicitly defined dependencies. Had a bit of a look at spawning a bunch of shells and performing parallel builds across all Debian/Ubuntu flavours at once rather than doing it in serial. Got it mostly working but I'm not happy with the way I get the built packages on completion - how to trigger it and where to place them.

Spent some time writing some basic documentation about installing and configuring the server software to collect and display AMP data. Most aspects are covered at least briefly now.

Updated the ampweb packages to disable the default test user and to be slightly smarter about dealing with user configuration in general - the package now treats them as actual configuration files and so won't clobber them on install. Rebuilt the packages and pushed them out to the lamp server.

Started work on implementing some simple access control for the amplet client control interface, to limit who is allowed to run test servers or perform other control functions. This is the first step before I implement the ability to push schedules directly to clients.