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Weekly Report for week ending 16 September 2011




Put together new distribution tarballs for the ampcentral code that took a
lot longer than expected. It has mostly grown organically in various web
directories (with changes going back into SVN), but has not been installed
fresh anywhere in a long time. Updated the install scripts and automake
scripts to include the new files and to work properly with newer versions
of php, postgres, etc.

Generating new data for me to test on turned out to be a slow process, so
spent some time investigating why that was. After some time spent with
valgrind I tracked down the main culprit - extracting objects from a days
worth of Waikato trace now takes less than 10 minutes on chasm, down from
20 hours!

While that was running I started to better organise my thoughts on the
state machine processing into a more formal technical report.