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Weekly Report for week ending 16 June 2017




Brought the network/topology management into line with the new multi-process model. The topology can now be modified on the fly, which will generate messages to various peers allowing them to re-run their route selection algorithms to take the changes into account.

Removed the distinction between internal and external nodes, and reworked the classes to allow multiple node types, depending on how we want to manage them. We could speak BGP to some, Openflow (or other SDN type protocol) to others, etc.

Spent some more time looking at improving memory usage. Found what I consider a bug in the python multiprocessing queue implementation - a reference to the last message sent to the queue is kept around when it is no longer required, continuing to use memory. I send small infrequent but large messages, which means a lot of memory could be tied up for quite some time for no useful purpose.