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Weekly Report for week ending 15 September 2017




Spent some time chasing down issues in my BIRD configuration in my BGP resiliency testbed that meant routes were being shared inappropriately between peers (missing filters, which wouldn't have been a problem except I'm also messing with settings allowing the local AS to appear). Added further peers and edge devices in different configurations to make sure that they are all properly isolated. Everything looks to be working pretty well, and enabling/disabling specific peering sessions causes the appropriate route updates. Adding a second controller to the test correctly keeps the best routes available even when one of them is unavailable.

Noticed that as the number of peers increased, the number of full route recalculations was getting large, so tried to remove some extraneous causes of updates to be sent. Often we already had enough information in a peer process to do the work without asking the table to do work as well (and possibly triggering it to send unnecessary updates to other peers). Also added a very short dampening period to updates so that many consecutive messages in a short time period only cause only a single route recalculation to occur.

Fixed a few bugs that would allow saved routes to be modified by filters, meaning the next time these routes ran through filters the results would be cumulative. Hopefully the saved raw/original routes and filtered routes for distribution are now quite separate.