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Weekly Report for week ending 15 July 2016




Updated the control protocol for starting tests and servers to expect and report messages about success/failure, rather than simply closing the connection when things go wrong. This means that you can now get a log message informing you that you aren't allowed to perform the action rather instead of wondering why it didn't work. Also spent some time tidying up some of the confusion between controlling specific test instances and compared with the high level client control, and renaming functions to more clearly describe what they do.

Fixed up a few bugs around amplet packaging including removing lots of unused cruft from the Jessie init scripts. Fixed up a few bugs in ampweb, including some css issues that had been annoying me, and schedule last-modified times not being updated for certain change types. Schedule last-modified time is now tracked per site rather than per schedule item, which makes it easier to flag sites that need to fetch new configuration (especially for sites that have been removed from a mesh).