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Weekly Report for week ending 14 September 2012




Fixed the bug in the tput test that would sometimes cause it to refuse
connections for a minute when it was meant to be re-establishing a new
test connection. It was erroneously waiting for more data when there was
no more to follow, so wouldn't continue until select timed out. Updated
the NZ mesh with all the fixes from the last couple of weeks.

Worked on the backend for the event detection web interface to use a more
flexible and secure database abstraction. Made a few small changes to the
web interface to try to hide information that wasn't always needed, but
still make it available if required.

Investigated all the historical event groupings and found a few rare cases
where it wasn't doing the right thing due to the order in which events
arrived or due to some missing common attributes. Came up with an approach
to sometimes rebuild groups as needed to minimise their number and get
better matches.