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Weekly Report for week ending 12 October 2012




Continued working with Nathan to get smokeping data successfully into the
event detection system. I generated some random data to fill the
historical buffers and then continued to run it over live data, which
generated a small number of plausible looking events. I'm now looking into
the scalability and resource usage of this as it seems a little higher
than it should be. Also polished the dashboard graphs slightly, changing
them to use more sensible axis and better resolution data.

Spent some time with Richard, Tony and Shane thinking about the future
direction of AMP. We've got some good ideas and have a whiteboard full of
initial planning for the work that needs to be done.

Read draft introductions to a number of 520 reports and gave some
hopefully useful feedback. Everyone seems to be on the right track so far,
looking forward to reading more.