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Weekly Report for week ending 12 May 2017




Tidied up some unusual entry points in ampweb that web crawlers were hitting (to return proper error codes rather than broken templates) and tried to block a few of them with robots.txt. Fixed YAML schedule generation to not include tests where the source is an explicit destination (we previously removed the source from the mesh description, but missed this case). Spent some time trying (unsuccessfully) to fix some edge cases in the graph browser modals where previously set values weren't being set correctly.

Put together new releases for all the ampweb components, got them up on github and deployed to a test site. Also updated documentation to make it clearer that all these components work together and aren't independent.

Spent some time profiling the memory usage of my BGP program, after having got the runtime down to a reasonable level. I don't have enough memory to announce a million prefixes to all my peers as well as maintaining internal routing for them all. Found some significant savings by not instantiating my set variables until they were required (an empty set in python is 232 bytes!), but still need to lower the usage.