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Weekly Report for week ending 11 November 2011




Spent some time helping settle in summer students Chris and William. I'll
be involved in their projects, supplying data etc. As part of that I
collected some sample traceroute data from a few monitors to a few
destinations to get an idea of what I can get from a warts file, and to
give Chris some data to start building small maps with. Played around a
bit with scamper to see how the doubletree implementation works and if it
would be useful to use when collecting the data (and any other ways I can
use to minimise the impact of collection). Also put together some sample
code to demonstrate how to operate on the traceroute data.

Investigated information published by APNIC about addresses
assigned/allocated for NZ use to get a good initial pool of addresses to
test to in order to generate larger topology graphs. Will have to see if
there are any other avenues that will list addresses used within New
Zealand (even if they are assigned elsewhere), thinking some of the public
looking glasses may be useful here.