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Weekly Report for week ending 11 March 2016




Finished adding the ability to set DSCP bits for all the amplet tests
individually as well as globally. Slightly tidied up the way the global
options are turned into individual test options now that there are a few
more of them.

Tidied up the management connections to try to reuse the existing SSL
connection that started the server, rather than always expecting a
separate connection (as is sometimes the case when run standalone). As
part of this, added SSL support to the standalone tests, so now they can
be run standalone with/without SSL, or using it to connect to a normal
amplet client.

Reworked the way watchdogs worked to make sure they will properly
monitor new server threads, or remotely scheduled tests. The central
watchdog management has now been replaced by a timer inside each
server/test process that will ensure the test completes on time.