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Weekly Report for week ending 10 March 2017




Found a number of places in the Chrome source that I can inject headers before they are used for anything, which will allow me to set the Timing-Allow-Origin header for all sites and therefore get proper timing information for objects fetched from any domain. I now need to find a way to set this without having to modify the source - I should be able to replace some part of the stack with my own class that modifies the headers as they go by.

Spent some more time working on the BGP SDN project - added support for the MRT format when reading routing changes, and will currently parse and act on BGP UPDATE messages contained within. Also tried to extract most of the route selection process out into a separate piece of code so that it can be easily replaced/modified. Currently have an implementation of a very basic BGP decision process, as well as a simple decision process of my own that takes into account the internal topology when selecting routes to give to nodes.