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Weekly Report for week ending 10 August 2012




Haven't done a weekly report in a while due to being sick. Luckily I kept working on my 520 so I'm not horribly behind.

Firstly I made some pretty dramatic changes to the main code structure to improve performance. This seems to have paid off, making improvements to not only the performance but also the flow of the internal code.

All the database implementation is done now. I've made all the module code as agnostic as possibly so any module can be loaded without changes to the main code base. In the end I used sqlalchemy for the database abstraction layer. The framework is incredibly powerful and makes it easy to add other features at a later date.

The forwarding of the data had to be re-engineered when I restructured the main code so this needs to be re-implemented. Hopefully that's not going to be too much of a task at this point.

Due to being sick I have a fair amount of University work to catch up on so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get done next week.