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Weekly Report for week ending 1 July 2016




Tidied up a couple of issues encountered while installing Wheezy packages for the amp-web server components - eventing schema is now created at install time rather than run time and permissions are set correctly so that events can be fetched by the web user. Fixed the AS name parsing code to always return something sensible, after discovering that our data source had messed up many of the AS name fields, so we were using incomplete data.

Updated some of the server install instructions to match changes to packages and dependencies. Fixed the rabbitmq installation instructions to use their new keys.

Integrated the access control list with the control socket processing code, so now all connections are checked for valid permissions (start test servers, run tests remotely). I've got slightly stuck on making sure that failures are reported back properly rather than just failing, as it gets convoluted when a remotely started test needs to start a server elsewhere but lacks the server permissions.