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Weekly report - Jeremy




This week was spent putting the finishing touches on the AMP matrix grid. I polished and ironed out all the bugs I was having with the grid functionality, and added the mouse-over tooltips. I'm using jquery-ui tooltips, which has been a bit of a mission at times, because they don't quite fully implement a few of the features I'm trying to do with them. But I've managed to manually override the fetching of content via ajax, and the automatic mouse-out closing, in order to make them behave as I want.

This week was also spent sorting out backwards compatibility, particularly with the earlier versions of Internet Explorer. After some painstaking trial and error with css, and using History.js to allow browser push state in older browsers, I've managed to get the main grid page looking pretty, and more importantly, funtional, all the way back to IE 5.5 :)