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Weekly Report -- 8/12/2017




Separated common code that was shared between the telescope prototype and the new wdcapsniffer into its own file so that there is less repeated code to maintain. After a couple of extra bug fixes, I've managed to get my libprotoident daily monitor code working again and now using the ndag export from wdcapsniffer as the packet source. This will help me confirm that the code is generally stable and doesn't drop packets, as I should notice fairly quickly if my libprotoident reports are empty or have bogus data in them.

Added a dpdkndag capture format to libtrace which intercepts ndag multicast on the wire using dpdk, strips the IP, UDP and ndag headers and converts the contained ERF records into libtrace packets. The idea is that this would be faster than joining the multicast group and waiting for ndag packets to work their way through the network stack. This has turned out to be the case, although it is still not enough for a client to keep up with anything more than capturing ~6.5 Gbps.

Started my OpenLI work by developing my own ETSI-LI decoder. To support this, I've written a simple DER decoder which supports most of the primitives that are present in the ETSI standards. I've also written some code to model the ETSI structural hierarchy. I can now decode an example ETSI-encoded bytestream by walking both the hierarchy and the bytestream, seeing which fields are present and interpreting them according to the type defined in the matching hierarchy entry.