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Weekly Report - 7/8/2015




This week wasn't too productive for my honours as far as progress goes, spent most of my time dealing with other papers.

I have gotten around to fixing my test environment, and that is sort of working. I'm running into an issue where freeradius won't send packets back out after making a reply. I initially thought this was to do with it trying to be clever and sending replies base on client-hardware-address instead of the source MAC (which I'm rewriting), but it's not, instead, no packets are leaving the VM. I'll address that early next week.

Coming back to the MAC rewriting, that is working properly now after ironing a couple of mistakes I made in my code I found during testing.

Still need to design a way of getting client traffic to the router in it's own VLAN pair (for segregation), and then back again. The latter is the trickier part, I think.