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Weekly Report 7-7-2015




Set up clean install DNS server using 'bind9' (sudo apt-get install bind9)
Configured the local configuration (named.conf.local) to include the zone ""
copied the db.127 file to and edited to have the relevant information (zone, address of device and address of coap server as IPv6)
configured /etc/resolv.conf to include the NS address and zone.
restarted bind9 with "sudo /etc/init.d/bind9 restart"
dig returns address "" - correct
dig returns no results - correct is beef::1
however it's looking for an ipv4 address (...IN A... in the query)
specifying dig AAAA returns address "beef::1" - correct
DNS server is now configured, not set up for chaching results and haven't tested for outside name resolution.

Re-installing radvd broke address configuration to node RPi.
restarting radvd on the gateway assigns an address to the node.
- they can both ping each other after this.
- need to setup dns address advert section.

Setting the dns on the node to point at the IPv6 address of the gateway and using dig fails, but using the ipv4 address (assigned by the attached router) works for finding the address of the coap server via dig. Need to work on getting the ipv6 name server address working.

Gateway RPi is still losing its static IP on boot (have to take the interface down with ifdown and up with ifup before the address takes) could be to do with boot order..