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Weekly Report




Over the last two weeks I've been making the final modifications to the TTP validator. Thanks to Brad for having a look and making and number of suggestions and setting up the hosting for this. This process involved turning of a couple of features that were unsafe and removing dependency on the ryu library as well as a number of other consistency fixes. It is now available online at

I've taken some time to fix an number of issues in libtrace. Including modifying the behaviour of trace_interrupt to stop all traces, not only live ones, this is more consistent. Updating DPDK in libtrace to support the newest versions; Richard Cziva provided an initial patch for DPDK. I extended this to include packaged versions of the DPDK which will be included in future releases of Debian/Ubuntu. I also started initial work into fixing an issue with pstop() and the ring format on older kernel versions which is related to stopping non-parallel formats, that are being split internally within libtrace.