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Weekly Report




Been a wee while since I last wrote a report. I was in Germany and Amsterdam over the semester break and didn't make any progress on the project.

The presentation went well (in my opinion). The fact that I had a live demonstration that worked was a real asset! I showed a wireless sensor network that could measure temperature, ambient light and also a 'knock knock' sensor representing a door. The various readings were transported over the network to the coordinator which then passed the information to a python program for visualisation.

All of this required that each feature was functional, so I'd say it was a good demonstration of the features I had developed (sending/receiving packets, device association and authentication).

I'm now working on writing a standard for device provisioning. It's very similar to WPS which I think is a good compromise between security and usability. It supports the same PSKs I used initially which gives the developers the flexibility to add additional authenticity checking.

I am unlikely to implement this standard before the report is due, however I do have a personal interest in the project so it will get done some time! Over the break I should have some free time here and there to add provisioning support as well as IPv6.

At the same time as the standard, I'm writing my thesis. According to the word count graph, I'm sitting at about 2,700 words (which is mostly the provisioning standard).