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Weekly Report 4/12/2015




Have run all common queries and their equivalents on both PostgreSQL and InfluxDB and made a table of results. Only a few gains were made by InfluxDB, but these were in some of the most common queries, and were reasonably significant.

I have noticed that InfluxDB queries seem to have a lower speed limit of about 2.5 milliseconds. I've also noticed that the Influx Database itself is taking a much bigger portion of the CPU than PostgreSQL during testing. This means that my testing may be partially limited by CPU.

Also used run length encoding to save space on traceroute data in InfluxDB and added unique ids to each as path, with the help of a second table for storing unique ids and paths. This is sort of using Influx for something it isn't designed for (as a relational DB), but it seems to be working for the limited purpose of reading a dictionary of already encountered paths and ids into memory before beginning to insert new data.