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Weekly Report




I spent the week fixing memory leaks in the code, which are now all gone but one, which is small and not going to cause significant problems.

I also produced graphs using Brendon's alias data, which, disappointingly, looked pretty much the same as the original graphs. Though there are several hundred fewer nodes (in the ungrouped version). Which address is used for the node is chosen arbitrarily (whichever appears first in Brendon's list), and in the case of the original issue that tipped us off to the fact we needed alias detection - that Waikato appears to connect directly to things it goes through Karen to reach - it chose a Waikato address. However, looking over the alias data the only alternatives were a second Waikato address, or a Fijian address.

alnof.pdf379.58 KB
alnofgrouped.pdf26.77 KB